Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A weekend in Las Vegas

I recently was on a business trip, visiting owners of some businesses that are interested in future cruise groups. While this was technically a business trip, I was able to enjoy some free time in Las Vegas. Here is my summary of this experience:

I stayed at Fitzgeralds, which is off the strip, but on Fremont Street. What a great location and fun hotel. From the valet to the bell hop to the maids to the maintenance guys who fixed our TV quickly, everyone was friendly and eager to please.

I signed up for the Players Club and received $3 in slot play right off the bat. I was able to play on that for awhile, winning and losing. I also put my name in the drawing for a spin on the lucky wheel. Amazingly, I won that too - a $50 slot play. I basically played all day for free. What a fun day that was - playing with someone else's money. Oh, and if you're playing in the casino, the cocktail waitresses bring you free drinks (all you want) and accept a small tip in return. I saved a lot of money this way.

The Fremont Street Experience was very cool as well. On the hour, if you look up you can watch their light show, which was very fun. We walked all along the street, checking out the different bands and acts being performed, the show girls, the street performers, the many fun shops and food places. And if you look up, you can watch the zipliners going by. I saw more Elvis impersonators and Santas in that one night than I think I have seen my whole life. Very fun!

The food at Fitzgeralds was great. Due to our players club status, we didn't pay for any of our meals, other than the one morning we stopped at McDonalds for a sausage biscuit. The service in the restaurant was wonderful as well.

The highlight of the week was on Saturday night. We caught the Deuce (local bus) for $7 roundtrip, which took us all the way down the Strip. We got off at Bellagio's, watched the beautiful water show they perform every hour, then went across the street to the Paris Hotel. This is a very cool looking hotel. We found an authentic French bakery, where they made their own pizza - 2 huge slices and a drink for $10. Can't beat that.

After trying the slots in the Paris, we headed to the Theatre for the show we had been looking forward to all weekend - Barry Manilow. What a great show! He spent a little time talking about his childhood and the impact that his grandfather had on his musical career. He sang the old songs, some new songs, and of course, Christmas carols, including my favorite Christmas song - Because it's Christmas! We had a great time.

We headed back on the Deuce, meeting some really fun people on the bus, showing them the way to Fremont Street. We then spent some more time in the casino, winning, losing, drinking, etc.

Another thing we did this weekend which we got a few stares for, was sewing. We brought our sewing machines to our hotel room. I worked on a project for my son, cross-stitching, and finishing my quilt.

All in all, this was a nice weekend. I was able to accomplish many things - new business contacts, quilting, seeing a great show, and playing the games. I look forward to going again soon.

For those who have not been to Las Vegas in a while, you should go - it has changed quite a bit: new casinos and hotels, some are gone that I was used to seeing, the crowds are controlled much better with the new Monorail, and walkways over the busy streets. This is a fun place to visit and I can't wait to do it again.

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