Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet your cruise lady!

Hi everyone. The rest of the world seems to be going techno. I feel that I am pretty savvy technologically, but doing a travel blog is something I have just put off for a long time. I decided it's time to bite the bullet and just go for it. So, here's a little about me:

My name is Michelle Jackson. I am the owner of a Cruise Holidays franchise. I live in Maricopa, Arizona. I did not just buy my travel agency credentials off of the internet. I graduated from Murdock Travel School in Provo, Utah in 1988. After working as a travel agent for several years, I returned to college and earned my Bachelors degree in History as well as a teaching certificate in Secondary Education. I then taught Junior High and High School for approximately 6 years. It was then that I jumped at the opportunity to return to the travel industry and purchased my agency.

My business is home-based and I have clients all over the country and even in other countries. I love what I do. It is so fun helping others plan and create vacations for themselves, their families, friends, employees, etc. I work really hard to make sure my clients don't feel like a number, but instead I try to build a personal relationship with them. They know they can call me after hours, email me anytime of the day or night and I try to respond within only a couple of hours.

I provide a VIP service that many other travel agencies do not provide. This includes booking your flights, your hotels, transfers, cruises, land vacations, train tickets, show tickets, travel insurance, etc. I offer to do as much or as little as each client is in need of. When someone books their trip using me as their personal cruise and travel consultant, they find that I work with them to make sure all of the small details are taken care of.

I also specialize in group cruising. Some examples of groups I work with are: girlfriend getaways, wedding groups, anniversaries, family reunions, golfing groups, quilting groups, company conventions, health seminars, etc. If you can put together a group, I can almost always design a group cruise around this.

On a personal note, I have 5 children ranging in age from 21 to 7. I also have my sweet, but a little crazy, dog named Snickers. She's afraid of her shadow, but loves to cuddle with us. I love to travel and do as much as possible - I call it research. I have been to much of the United States including annual summer visits to Alaska; Mexico; Spain; France; Italy; Bahamas and many island nations in the Caribbean.

I hope through this blog to be able to provide important, current and helpful information about the travel industry, destinations, travel suppliers, etc. I welcome your comments and questions. You may also email me directly at My website is as well as

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