Friday, August 3, 2012

Protecting your Investment

One of the services I provide to my clients is giving them information regarding climate and weather conditions for the destinations they will be visiting.  While some years are fraught with natural disasters, such as hurricanes, the 2012 season has been pretty mild.  That said, there is a storm currently moving into the Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Ernesto went a bit north of the island of Barbados early on Friday and was moving towards the Caribbean, where it could turn into a hurricane.  While it is not expected to hit any Caribbean islands directly, residents and vacationers should expect large waves and 2-3 inches of rain.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.  Cruising is actually one of the better places to be on a vacation during this season, as the ships will use their data to alter course.  This may cause cruisers to miss a port, but the ship's crew works hard to make the alternative plans fun for all.

As we approach the heart of hurricane season, I can't recommend Travel Insurance enough.  If you buy travel insurance after a storm has been named, it is too late.  The insurance companies will not protect you from cancellations or delays. 


1.  For the time you packed your prescription medications, and your 2 year old helped unpack it.

2.  For the time you land in Portland, Oregon and your bags land in Portland, Maine.
3.  Because food carts in New Delhi are not the same as in New York City.
4.  When you sprint across the terminal, not realizing you left your carry-on behind.
5.  Everyone told you not to drink the water, but you did anyway.
6.  When the woman that offered to take your picture looked honest.
7.  Because you forgot her birthday again.
8.  Your cruise ship arrives in the Bahamas and you realize you left your passport in Puerto Rico.
9.  Because that rock looked sturdy enough to stand on.

*28% of flights in 2010 were either cancelled or delayed
*Over 2 million mishandled luggage claims were handled in 2010
*Your credit card or personal insurance is usually no good when out of the country.
*Travel Insurance is a small price to pay to protect your investment.

When you book with me, I automatically include travel insurance in your package.  Those who may book their own trips may still purchase travel insurance from me.

Contact me at or (210) 858-6399 for pricing and coverage information.

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