Thursday, January 19, 2012

Safety on the Seas

With the tragic events that occurred off of the coast of Italy this past week, all of the major cruise lines are reviewing their training and emergency procedures.  Here are a few quotes from a few of them:

Royal Caribbean:    
By coincidence, half of our Captains and most of our Hotel Directors arrived in South Florida for our annual Fleet Operations leadership conference over the weekend. This gave our Chairman Richard Fain and me a timely opportunity to underscore both our excellent 42 year safety record and more importantly to emphasize the imperative of keeping our record intact into the future. 

In the upcoming weeks we will communicate by text and video about many of the key elements of safety. Many readers who know us well will not be surprised by our focus on and commitment to safety.  Those who have less experience with us should learn some interesting and compelling facts about how we prepare our ships and crew for safe operation every day.   For example, the rigorous preparation and ongoing training that every Captain in the Royal Caribbean International fleet must undergo.

We operate all of our vessels to meet and exceed the requirements of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention and the International Safety Management Code maritime standards, the international safety requirements which govern the cruise industry.  Our Captains are experienced seafarers with an average of 33 years at sea.  We further ensure that our Captains regularly undergo rigorous simulation training on navigation and bridge operations.

Carnival Corporation (Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Costa):
This is a terrible tragedy and we are deeply saddened. Carnival Corporation & plc offers our sympathies and heartfelt condolences to all of the Costa Concordia guests, crew members and their families.  Carnival Corporation & plc and Costa Cruises are committing our full resources to provide assistance and ensure that all guests and crew are looked after.  

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